Sunday, April 10, 2011

Philadelphia NOW's Annual Fundraiser- We Need Your Support!

Philadelphia NOW will hold its annual fundraiser on Friday, April 15th, from 5:30-7:30 at the Philadelphia Ethical Society, 1906 Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia. RSVP on Facebook.

This year we honor Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown for her exemplary leadership on issues important to women and children; environmental activist Iris Marie Bloom for her leadership opposing under-regulated hydrofracking for natural gas in Pennsylvania watersheds; and long-time Philadelphia NOW officers Kathy Black and Louise Francis for their many contributions to the feminist community. We'll also hold a raffle of exciting items.

Your support has never been more crucial! This year, in what has been called a "war on women", the US House voted to slash funding of essential programs vital to women and children, including prenatal care, nutritional assistance, job training, and college tuition assistance. The House also voted to completely eliminate funding for Title X family planning clinics, which provide life-saving services like mammograms, pap test, HIV and STD screening, as well as birth control. Although the Senate managed to preserve this funding in the recently reached budget agreement, if the first four months of 2011 are any indication both nationally and in Pennsylvania, the attack on women, workers and the elderly will continue relentlessly. Donate NOW at

As a multi-issue organization, Philadelphia NOW stands at the forefront of these fights, opposing policies at any level of government that will impose additional burdens on working women and their families. Philadelphia NOW endorses pro-choice, feminist candidates at the local level and supports feminist issues of particular relevance to Philadelphians.

Proceeds from our fundraiser sustain us in our grassroots effort. Tickets on April 15th are $35 (donation for students/hardship). Please come out and show your support for Philadelphia NOW.

We are also looking for event sponsorship for as little as $100. Sponsors ($100) will receive 1 event entrance, Advocates ($250) will receive 2 entrances, and Champions ($500) will receive 4 event entrances. Sponsors, Advocates, and Champions will all be listed in our event program. By donating today, you can help us stop the "war on women". Give through our Donate button at Or send contributions by check payable to Philadelphia NOW to 1211 Chestnut St., Ste. 700, Phila., PA 19107. Contact Caryn Hunt at if you wish to be a sponsor/for further information.

Please RSVP on Facebook:!/event.php?eid=207964385899359


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