Saturday, October 20, 2012

Philadelphia NOW PAC Endorsements, 2012 General Election

National,PA and Philadelphia NOW PAC Endorsements, 2012  General ElectionPA NOW PAC Endorsements

National NOW
President, Barack Obama
Vice-President, Joe Biden
U.S. Congress, 1st district, Bob Brady
 U.S. Congress, 2nd district, Chaka Fattah
 U.S. Congress, 13rd district, Allyson Schwartz

Pennslyvania NOW
Kathleen Kane, Attorney General
Eugene DePasquale, Auditor General 

Philadelphia NOW PAC Endorsements 
State Senatorial Districts
District 1 – Larry Farnese
District 3 – Shirley Kitchen
District 7 – Vincent Hughes

State House Districts
175th – Mike O’Brien
181st – Curtis Thomas

190th – Vanessa Lowery Brown
194th – Pamela DeLissio
195th – Michelle Brownlee

200th – Cherelle Parker


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