Friday, December 16, 2011

You Should Run for Office

Times will not change for women until their needs/concerns are more fully represented in government. You should run for office!

From our friends at Pennsylvania Women's Campaign Fund, a workshop series for feminist candidates:

The Pennsylvania Women’s Campaign Fund has devised a rigorous and comprehensive training program to teach candidates what they need to know for an edge against their competition. The 3 ½ day training in January will cover topics from messaging and dealing with the media; to fundraising and number-crunching the margin of victory; to opposition research, polling and volunteer management. Download the full agenda by clicking here (download a PDF of The Winning Edge Agenda).

Show your confidence in someone by suggesting that she attend The Winning Edge campaign training led by the Pennsylvania Women’s Campaign Fund, January 26-29 in Shippensburg PA. Send her this link and remind her that she has your support when her campaign kicks off!

Participants will save $100 when they register before December 16.

More info:

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Call Corbett to VETO SB 732 TODAY!

Urgent! SB 732--the anti-choice regulations bill-- was passed.

Please call the Governor's office at 717-787-2500. Tell him that SB 732 should not become a law. His approach to the Gosnell indictment has been a measured one up to now, but SB 732 could cause a public health crisis in our state. There's no medical association that supports it, and some, including the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence, the American Academy of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the Pennsylvania Coalition Against rape, are strong opponents of the bill.

SB 732 threatens public health in our state, and we need the Governor to say no to it. Please call right away.

More info at

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Humor for the Holidays

Please join us December 29th for a night of laugh-out-loud fun! Philadelphia NOW is organizing a "feminists night out" to go see 1812 Productions' hilarious This Is the Week That Is, an ensemble send up of politics both national and local.

1812 Productions
This Is the Week That Is
8pm, Thursday, December 29th
Plays & Players Theater
1714 Delancey St.
Philadelphia PA 19103

Tickets are $32, part of which will go to Philadelphia NOW to aid us in the advocacy work we do protecting women's rights. If you'd like to join NOW, for $50 we'll throw in a ticket to the show. That's a one-year membership plus a great night out! But you have to let us know by this Wednesday, December 14th. RSVP to

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Philadelphia NOW News 12-7-11


Join us next Monday, December 12th, 1606 Walnut, 3rd Fl., 5:30-7, when we will meet with Nicaraguan feminist leaders to exchange information and ideas about feminist organization building and confronting domestic violence. We will also be electing a new slate of officers for the new year, reviewing recent news and reporting on some of the campaigns the chapter is involved with. It's our holiday meeting so bring something for our potluck, if you can. No worries if you can't.


Join us for a fun night out Thursday, December 29th for 1812 Productions' This is the Week That Is, a hilarious send up of politics both local and national. Tickets are $32. Pay $50 and get the ticket plus a year membership to Philadelphia NOW- a great deal! There will be a get-together before the show in South Philadelphia, 6-7:30, show starts at 8PM. RSVP to by next Wed, 12-14.

That is all the good news, here's the bad:


"Stunning" is the word most used by feminist groups responding to this news. Yesterday HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius decided to overrule the recommendation of FDA scientists and physicians charged to determine whether or not emergency contraception should be considered an over the counter drug, made available to all women of child-bearing age to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Read NOW's statement, and


Send a message to President Obama telling him not to cave on providing access to birth control to ALL women. The Administration has signaled that it is willing to allow religious employers- including hospitals and colleges- the right to refuse birth control coverage to women employees. It's simple: women should be in charge of fertility decisions, NOT their employers!! Send a message today!


HB1977 and SB732 are two anti-choice bills on the move in the House. HB1977 would ban private insurers participating in the state insurance exchange from covering abortion. SB732, under consideration in the House, would force additional, unnecessary regulations, including ridiculous physical plant and personnel changes, on standalone abortion providers. The effect (certainly intended) would be to shut down most of them. Call your State Representative TODAY to make sure he/she knows you are pro-choice! More info at Follow their Twitter feed for continuous updates.