Monday, April 23, 2012

Vote for Pennsylvania NOW Endorsed Candidate Patrick Murphy for Attorney General in Primary Election Tuesday, April 24

There’s a reason so many labor unions and progressive groups have endorsed Patrick Murphy. For one thing, he keeps his promises. See Dan U-A’s great post describing Murphy leading the successful fight to end DADT at  From Dan's post:

When Patrick tells us that he will be a strong advocate for Pennsylvania families targeted by predatory mortgage companies, I don’t really have to wonder. His body of work tells me that he will follow through.
This is a real opportunity here. Let’s support the people that have followed through on progressive fights, and get the word out on this race. Please, please, please: vote, and spread the word. Let’s not waste this chance.
Patrick Murphy has the broad social vision we need in an Attorney General. His opponent Kathleen Kane presents herself as “A prosecutor, not a politician.” That’s precisely the problem. We don’t need prosecutorial talent—there’s plenty of that around, and anyhow, it’s the rare case that’s tried by the Attorney General in person. What we need in the Attorney General of Pennsylvania is political courage and political ability—the courage and ability to go against the grain, to doubt received opinion, and to protect the rights of the citizens of Pennsylvania. Such courage has characterized Patrick Murphy’s entire short but distinguished career.
Despite his Army background, he always had the courage to challenge Army orthodoxy when he thought it misguided. He was able to see, and loudly state, that the Iraq War had been a serious strategic mistake. He was also able to see, and loudly state, that the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy was discriminatory and misguided. This gave President Obama the knowledgeable support he needed to repeal it. Patrick has shown political courage in other ways, as well. He was the first elected official from outside of Illinois to endorse Barack Obama for President—at a time when no one thought Obama had a chance.
Perhaps the easiest way to assess what Patrick would do as Attorney General is to consider a few of the positions he took as Congressman. Here, then, in no particular order:
Patrick helped enact the most sweeping set of financial regulatory reforms since the Great Depression. These reforms expanded the authority of state Attorneys General to protect the public from financial skullduggery.
According to Julia Ramsey, President of the Pennsylvania chapter of the National Organization for Women, “Patrick is a proven leader on women’s issues…He’s 100 percent pro-choice and will refuse to enforce the unconstitutional mandatory ultrasound bill. He helped strengthen laws that prohibit gender discrimination in the workplace….” (For a complete list of Phila NOW endorsed candidates see
Patrick has been a leader on environmental issues, and has helped pass laws both against the dumping perpetrated by industrial polluters and in favor of renewable energy. His leadership in this area is particularly important because of the ongoing drilling for natural gas in the Marcellus Shale. The gas drillers have the Governor and the Republican legislators in their pocket, it would seem. And it may take more than prosecutorial competence to protect the citizens of Pennsylvania from the environmental havoc they can wreak.
As a military lawyer prosecuting terrorists in Iraq, Patrick offers courtroom competence, but he offers far more. He has the potential to be an Attorney general in the mold of Eliot Spitzer—without the sex scandals, of course.  Please spread the word!!  
If you have a few hours to spare to volunteer for Election Day, please contact allison@murphyforpa.   If you would like to volunteer for Patrick in Mt. Airy/ Chestnut Hill please contact me at or Nina Ahmad at

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Philadelphia NOW PAC Endorsements, April 24 Primary Election

Pennsylvania NOW PAC Endorsements
Attorney General: Patrick Murphy  

Philadelphia NOW PAC Endorsements
State Senatorial Districts
District 1 – Larry Farnese
District 3 – Shirley Kitchen
District 7 – Vincent Hughes

State House Districts
175th – Mike O’Brien
181st – Curtis Thomas
182nd – Babette Josephs
190th – Vanessa Lowery Brown
194th – Pamela DeLissio
195th – Michelle Brownlee
198th – Charisma Presley
200th – Cherelle Parker
202nd – Numa St. Louis

Friday, April 13, 2012


Defend Rights and Equality for Women
Join Americans across the United States on April 28th, 2012, as we come together as one to tell members of Congress in Washington DC and legistators in all 50 states, "Enough is enough!!" Get on the bus at:

Pennsylvania State Capitol Steps
Harrisburg, PA
April 28, 2012
10AM to 2PM

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Philadelphia NOW endorses Numa St. Louis for State Representative PA District 202

Philadelphia NOW endorses Numa St. Louis for State Representative PA District 202. The Philadelphia Chapter of the National Organization for Women Political Action Committee is proud to announce its endorsement of Numa St. Louis for State Representative from Pennsylvania District 202. St. Louis is the only challenger vying for the seat held for almost 40 years by the incumbent.

Terri Falbo, President of Philadelphia NOW, issued the following statement on the group's endorsement: “Numa St. Louis is unequivocal in his support for women’s rights -- especially of women’s access to healthcare. Given the current repressive environment in the Pennsylvania Legislature and its ”War on Women”, Philadelphia NOW is focused on endorsing candidates, such as St. Louis, who support women’s rights without regard to political expediency. As an educator and community organizer, St. Louis has a record as an advocate for more accessible healthcare, sound educational reform and immigrant rights.”

Numa St. Louis accepted the endorsement stating: “Women are the back bone of our community. There is a movement afoot nationwide and in Pennsylvania to deprive women of their rights. I will fight to safeguard their rights including access to reproductive healthcare. I am honored and humbled to receive the endorsement of Philadelphia Chapter of NOW. Knowing their history and legacy of fighting for women’s rights, I will honor this trust placed in me and pledge to be an advocate, an ally and fight for women’s rights on all fronts.”

Numa St. Louis, who -- unlike the incumbent -- has consistently been pro-choice, has pledged to be more responsive to his constituents, while not abusing per-diem funds or enhancing his personal assets at the taxpayers’ expense. St. Louis understands women’s economic security is fundamental to women’s rights. As a legislator, he envisions setting a New Direction for all Pennsylvanians, including women. He intends to fuel economic development in measureable ways, including leveraging available investments and financial resources and combining it with the power of the major employers and anchor Institutions in and around the 202nd District.

Philadelphia NOW looks forward to sending Numa St. Louis to Harrisburg to fight for the rights of women and all Pennsylvanians who need an opportunity to succeed.

Read more about Numa St. Louis at here

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Please plan to join Philadelphia NOW as we honor local women leaders this year on Thursday, April 19th, 5:30-7:30PM at the Philadelphia Ethical Society on Rittenhouse Square. Philly NOW will celebrate Local Women Leaders:

Gloria Gilman
for her leadership fostering civic engagement as

Tracey Gordon
for leadership

Sue & Hal Rosenthal
for a lifetime of

Jocelyn Morris
FOUNDING GERMANTOWN NOW IN 1980 and for a lifetime of work

$35 at the door. Sponsors donate a minimum of $100.  This includes two event tickets and a listing in our event program.  Click on the Donate button at Or send your contribution by check payable to Philadelphia NOW to 121