Monday, January 07, 2013

Run for Election Board or Committeeperson

Make a Difference! How YOU Can Strengthen Democracy in Philadelphia

Come to this non-partisan training: learn how you can win one of these positions.


When: Monday, January 14th, 2013 from 5:30 - 7:30PM
Where: 1606 Walnut St., Philadelphia, PA

Stephanie Singer, City Commissioner
Norman Matlock, Esq., Judge of Elections, 9th Ward, 2nd Division
Nan Myers, Majority Inspector, 9th Ward, 2nd Division

Download Handbook here.

Women make up only 17% of the PA legislature, on the of the lowest rates in the country. Running for committeeperson is a very easy entry point into electoral politics. You don't need to raise money; you just need the time and willingness to talk to your neighbors. Running for committeeperson is a way to learn grassroots organizing skills, gain leadership experience, and learn how the political system works.

Running for Election Board is an opportunity to ensure that we have fair elections. The Voter ID law, which is slated to be implemented in 2013, has drawn attention to what has been a very low profile position - the Judge of Elections. In each division, the Judge of Elections resolves disputes and makes determinations about voter eligibility in areas where the law is ambiguous. With the enactment of the Voter ID law, the position of Judge of Elections has become much more important. The Majority and Minority inspectors also play an important role in ensuring fair, well-run elections.

Sponsored by the Philadelphia Chapter of the National Organization for Women and the Philadelphia Chapter of the Coalition of Labor Union Women.

For more information, contact Karen Bojar (kbojar1(at) or Kathy Black (kblackphilly(at)


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